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Lawn Care and Maintenance. Providing Landscaping, Clean Up Work, Tree Trimming, and Seasonal Mulch. Residential and Commercial

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What We Do

We provide Lawn service in Tampa Fl., commercial and residential property care. Weekly service or Monthly care consist of Mowing, edging, trimming, spraying Round Up,and blowing off are some of the services we do each visit to your property. Lawn Sculptures offers services in Irrigation repair, tree trimming, new landscape design and installation, Clean Up services, and mulch. There is nothing we can't do to make your lawn exactly how you want it to look. We work with only licensed and certified companies, from Arborist to Fertilization companies.


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Getting a hold of someone when you need them is the name of the game. We are a convenience company and our job is to make sure you don't have any head aches so to make this easy..
Office 813-935-7724 or Chad Suders (Cell) 813-299-5185
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What Should I Ask

You need a lawn care company, BUT WHO DO I HIRE. We understand this is an important choice. This is another investment, are they insured? They will be on my property every week, do they have the right equipment and do we feel comfortable with them here? These are all good, practical questions that should be asked. You have questions and Lawn Sculptures has the answers, the right equipment and the right INSURANCE. What else should we be looking for?


Tips and Projects

We offer Tips and Project plans even if you are not a customer. That is just what Lawn Sculptures does. We all want that perfect yard and new ideas that some times just doesn't fit in the budget or isn't the right time with all travel, plans, or just life that comes up. We understand and we want to help. Easy projects like starting a garden or tips with watering or what and when should I even grow one. Relax... we offer many ideas that may help and if not, Contact Us and we can meet with you or just update a project you are curious about.